Small Black – Free At Dawn

Small Black - Free At Dawn

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything from Small Black. Thank goodness a great track comes out after all this time. Have a listen to “Free At Dawn” by Small Black. Sounds like we’ll have to wait a few more months for the album to drop. You’ll notice that the track is far more polished compared to the tracks we grew to love in 2009. It’s nice to hear that the band is progressing along with the rest of the hazy bands from 2009.

Bowmont – Ruphmiup (Plastic Health remix)

Bowmont - Ruphmiup (Plastic Health remix)

There isn’t a lot of information on either Bowmont or Plastic Health online. It’s that, or I just lost interest in finding any more content. All I know is that both the band Bowmont and Plastic Health are from New York. In my opinion, I would call the Plastic Health version an edit over a remix because the similarities between the original and the “remix” abound. Having said that, I really enjoy the track.

Video: Harper Simon – Bonnie Brae

Harper Simon - Division Street

Turns out, the Simon family has another talented member. Harper Simon, Paul Simon’s son is releasing his sophomore album ‘Division Street’ this March. I wouldn’t think about the family topic too much because Harper stands on his own two feet as a talented song writer and musician. This album is a departure from what people are used to in that this record is driven by electric guitars as opposed to his alt country debut.

As you might expect based on his heritage, the vocal harmonies throughout the song are spot-on. The production quality is excellent. At a basic level, the backing music is just enough to support and highlight the vocals. You’ll hear moments of xylophone and lots of vintage guitar. Then I focused on the lyrics. Harper magically paints a picture of a moment in time. He meets a girl (Bonnie Brae) on the courthouse steps. “I thought our golden moment was prearranged”; as though they were destined to meet at that moment. Then she was gone. “Gone with the air of winter”. “Into the arms of the summer”. That’s good stuff.