Melbourne Australia’s multi-instrumentalist/producer LUCIANBLOMKAMP brings us ‘The Overman’, the latest single off his forthcoming LP, ‘Bad Faith’. It’s sexy music for sexy people.

LUCIANBLOMKAMP’s music significantly symbolizes the city he comes from. Melbourne (at least in my experience) is a city of narrow laneways (allies) full of graffiti, sexy night clubs and hidden bars serving cocktails out of test tubes. It’s a common misconception in the USA that Melbourne is like Sydney. It’s not. Melbourne is either cold and grey, or ridiculously hot. Because you can’t really rely on the weather to cooperate, many locals resort to indoor activities. They have a bustling music, art, fashion and food scene. They also have the best coffee in the world. With all of this time indoors, it’s no surprise that the more productive of the bunch can make some impressive stuff. LUCIAMBLOMKAMP spends at least some of his time making impressive music.