On An On – Ghosts

On An On - Ghosts

“Some songs stop you in your tracks and just seem to suck you into them. “Ghost” is exactly that kind of song with its all encompassing beauty. The only ghost here is ON AN ON who have snuck up on us with no warning whatsoever. It’s amazing what one song can do for a band because this is one of those songs that can surmount excitement from people. Check it out below. Look for ON AN ON’s debut album early 2013. “Ghost” will hit itunes Sept 18th.”
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  1. I’d like to email you about the new Coati Mundi album on Rong, but can’t find an email address on your blog. Then again, if you rximeed Holy Ghost for DFA, you’re likely up to speed. If interested, please email me and I’ll send the press release, or just look it up on popularpublicity.com – Andy

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