Video: Harper Simon – Bonnie Brae

Harper Simon - Division Street

Turns out, the Simon family has another talented member. Harper Simon, Paul Simon’s son is releasing his sophomore album ‘Division Street’ this March. I wouldn’t think about the family topic too much because Harper stands on his own two feet as a talented song writer and musician. This album is a departure from what people are used to in that this record is driven by electric guitars as opposed to his alt country debut.

As you might expect based on his heritage, the vocal harmonies throughout the song are spot-on. The production quality is excellent. At a basic level, the backing music is just enough to support and highlight the vocals. You’ll hear moments of xylophone and lots of vintage guitar. Then I focused on the lyrics. Harper magically paints a picture of a moment in time. He meets a girl (Bonnie Brae) on the courthouse steps. “I thought our golden moment was prearranged”; as though they were destined to meet at that moment. Then she was gone. “Gone with the air of winter”. “Into the arms of the summer”. That’s good stuff.

Papercutz – Rivers

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Papercutz is comprised of Porto’s Bruno Miguel (more commonly know for his remixes and soundscapes) and New Yorker Melissa Veras. The song Rivers is a feast for the ears. I would say at around the 1:50 mark, the vocal textures are beyond good. Some other notable highlights from this track is the percussion, which I can only assume was recorded from another town than the studio (I’m a sucker for reverb) and the undeniable ability to meld lush soundscapes with 80s reminiscent synthesizers (also a sucker for synths). The track’s been out for a while, but it was too good to pass on giving it a little web love.

Play Papercutz – Rivers

Owlle – Disorder (Moonlight Matters remix)

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I tried to do a little research on Owlle, but all of the interviews and blog posts are in French, and I’m a stupid American. From what I can gather, she’s been compared to the likes of Robyn, Lykke Li, Bat for Lashes, and Fever Ray. I don’t know about any of that, but they were the only words I recognized. Also, she appears to be a Depeche Mode fan, so I like her already. I also think it’s funny that other music blogs are solely focusing on Moonlight Matters’ production of the song. Granted, I like this version a lot more than the original too. I would add to the conversation that Owlle has a unique voice and without her vocals, this song could’ve been flat. So with all the credit in the world, I say good job Moonlight Matters for taking this track to the next level. I’ve listened to it multiple times in a row and still enjoy the hell out of it.

bonus video: Owlle – Ticky Ticky

Du Tonc – Darkness

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I get so excited when music is submitted to the site that I absolutely adore. A few days ago, this gem popped up in my email. As any music blogger knows, you get a lot of submissions every day and I had gotten a little behind. The submission from Du Tonc was one of the ones that I wished I had seen sooner. Matt Van Schie of Van She and Mighty Mouse make up the fledgling super group, Du Tonc. The two had met, or should I say began collaborating back in 2010 when they were playing at the same Parisian club. Now they’re releasing there first single, Darkness.

From the press release, it looks like they will be hitting the road for a DJ tour in April, after the release of their second single.

The reason this track is amazing to me is the fact that I wasn’t expecting the vocal melody changes. The subtle nuances and exciting note choices force me to hit repeat. You can’t listen to this track and be in a bad mood. I dare you.

Frida Sundemo – Snow (Immanu El remix)

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Frida Sundemo is from Gothenburg, Sweden. I don’t know much about her except that she’s so into music and creating it that she’s putting her medical studies aside for now. Immanu El is a group who is also from Gothenburg Sweden. I encourage you to listen to the remix (which I adore) and then listen to the original track as well. I went through and listened to some of Immanu El’s music on Soundcloud and you can definitely hear their influences in the remix. They take the original song which is very pop influenced, and slow it way down. It’s interesting in this case to hear how the song is suddenly dark, deep, mysterious. I’m focusing more on what Frida is saying. I’m enveloped in the music. This is what makes a great song.

Tiga – Plush (Jacques Lu Cont remix)

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What better way to start your day than with a sexy, bass-heavy monster remix of Tiga‘s Plush by the one and only Jacques Lu Cont. This gem is far better suited for late night sweaty dance floors, but I’m enjoying it just the same while sipping my coffee, toes tapping, head bobbing.

Also check out the previously featured track “Church” by Jacques Lu Cont (Previous post HERE). It’s one of my favorites.

Pacific Air – Float (RAC remix) MP3

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I’m so excited to find another remix of Pacific Air’s Float. This time the track has been masterfully tweaked by RAC (Remix Artist Collective) based out of Portland Oregon. What I love is that between this version and the Fat Rat remix we posted earlier in November HERE, is that they are so entirely different, yet equally awesome. Which one do you prefer? Hear both below.

Play Pacific Air – Float (RAC remix

Play Pacific Air – Float (The Fat Rat remix