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Dinner – Turn Me On

Dinner Anders Rhedin

Dinner is Danish producer and singer Anders Rhedin. Dinner leads a nomadic existence, dividing his time between Los Angeles, Copenhagen and Berlin. This spring sees the release of his debut album ‘Psychic Lovers,’ out April 1 via Captured Tracks.

Needless to say, ‘Turn Me On’ was inspired by the sound of the 80s. “Dinner’s music is about parties. And women. Late nights and early mornings in strange cities. But mainly it’s about magic and the communion with spirits,” Dinner says. “It’s like sexual Christian rock, really. But with out all the Christianity.”

Catching Up For Lost Time

It’s been over a year of inactivity, and a lot has happened in my life that’s kept me from posting regularly. I moved from my native home of Colorado to Sydney Australia, where I lived for nearly two years. And now I’m back in the USA and living in NYC. Naturally, some of my priorities got shuffled as I trotted around the globe, and ArtistRoster was one of the projects that fell by the wayside.

So, to catch all of you up on what I’ve been listening to over that last year-ish, here’s a little playlist that I hope you’ll enjoy as much as I do.