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Eliot Sumner – Dead Arms And Dead Legs

It was back in June of 2010 when we first heard Eliot Sumner’s first teenage band ‘I Blame Coco’. She’s collaborated with the likes of Robyn and Miike Snow among others. Do yourself a favor and look up some of her older stuff. I particularly enjoy ‘Caesar ft. Robyn (Miike Snow Remix)’.

Eliot Sumner’s been busy since then with a debut EP, her first North American tour last year with On An On and several new tracks last year. ‘Dead Arms And Dead Legs’ is one of those tracks.

Close your eyes, and listen to the music. Can you hear a young Sting? It would make sense considering Eliot Sumner is Sting’s daughter.

She’s performing on Jimmy Kimmel Live on March 7th. You can catch her at SXSW. She also just released a music video for song ‘Halfway To Hell’ directed by Tom Beard.


Melbourne Australia’s multi-instrumentalist/producer LUCIANBLOMKAMP brings us ‘The Overman’, the latest single off his forthcoming LP, ‘Bad Faith’. It’s sexy music for sexy people.

LUCIANBLOMKAMP’s music significantly symbolizes the city he comes from. Melbourne (at least in my experience) is a city of narrow laneways (allies) full of graffiti, sexy night clubs and hidden bars serving cocktails out of test tubes. It’s a common misconception in the USA that Melbourne is like Sydney. It’s not. Melbourne is either cold and grey, or ridiculously hot. Because you can’t really rely on the weather to cooperate, many locals resort to indoor activities. They have a bustling music, art, fashion and food scene. They also have the best coffee in the world. With all of this time indoors, it’s no surprise that the more productive of the bunch can make some impressive stuff. LUCIAMBLOMKAMP spends at least some of his time making impressive music.

Mossy – Electric Chair

Up until now, Jamie Timony has made his name in the acting industry. He’s been in critically acclaimed stage plays and feature films acting along side Geoffrey Rush and Willem Dafoe. He’s always been a musician, but now he’s prepped to show his music chops to the world. Performing as ‘Mossy’, his self titled debut album is set to release on May 13 via I Oh You.  His first single ‘Electric Chair’ is available today. He’s also put together a nifty video for the single, below.

Connan Mockasin Cover Rexy

To celebrate the upcoming reissue of British pop duo Rexy’s only album , Running Out of Time (originally released in 1981), the weird and wonderful Connan Mockasin has lent his talents to a cover of the title track.

Rexy had this to say:

Running out of time is about surveillance and
paranoia, although written in a time long before
computer surveillance. We are delighted that
Connan covered this track, we’re big fans of his
and thrilled with the results.” 

The LP will be released under London label Lucky Number, in-conjunction with new label URU, spearheaded by solo artist Samantha Urbani (of Friends). The LP has become a coveted find for fans of left-field pop, and through the rewards of its wry, forward-looking song craft, has been championed by the likes of current artists such as Ariel Pink, Joey Negro and Connan Mockasin.

And since I’m such a huge Connan Mockasin fan as well, here’s a bonus music video by my favorite directing duo Fleur and Manu.

Future Unlimited – Calm Me Down

After a three year release hiatus, Future Unlimited have delivered their sophomore EP, Calm Down. While that’s all well and good, it’s the title track ‘Calm Me Down’ that really gets me going. I listen to this track and wished I had The Wolf’s Acura NSX and somewhere really important to get to. And I only have to show up wearing a really cool jacket to save the day.

You may remember Future Unlimited from a couple of years ago when they collaborated with Shia Labeouf who directed their video “Haunted Love”.

After all of the hullabaloo, the band decided to incorporate additional members and focus on a more live-driven, organic sound. I’d be curious to see one of their live shows. As long as I can show up in an NSX.

1992 Acura NSX Wolf from Pulp Fiction